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Research & Development

The Prysmian group considers its Research & Development activities to be fundamental for the company’s growth, a belief shared by Ravin Cables Ltd.. A large number of registered patents and on-going investments are proof of the company’s commitment and success in this area. The recognized quality and reliability of its products, and the reduction in the cost of materials and processes are other important objectives achieved through Prysmian’s on-going investment in R & D.

Prysmian has 7 worldwide Research & Development centres in Italy, France, UK, Germany, Spain, United States and Brazil. In addition, it has also developed strong collaborative links with some of the world’s major Universities and Research centres including the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Barcelona and the University of Sao Paulo.

Recent Significant Achievements

  • In the field of high and extra high voltage cables, continued development of extra high voltage direct current cables with certification of the first 300 kV submarine cable; also certified were the first 220 kV cables produced at the new Abbeville plant in the United States and the 500 kV cables produced at the Baoying plant in China for use in local projects.
  • Certification of the new P-Laser cable, for the entire range of medium voltage products up to 30 kV, developed at the Pignataro plant and the first prototypes were also produced of high voltage P-Laser cables for both direct and alternating current.
  • Development of new Third Generation Afumex cables (A3G).
  • New "Intelligent Protolon" system, designed for applications in the field of port logistics.
  • In the area of optical cables, development of a new range of high fibre density cables that can contain up to 96 fibres with external diameters of 6 mm and up to 720 fibres with diameters of 16 mm thanks to the use of latest-generation micro-modules.

The new Medium Voltage P-Laser cables, developed at the Italian plant of Pignataro, are exhibiting excellent results in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. The different mix of materials and faster processes mean that the new technology is more industrially efficient and the cable quality is better, thereby ensuring a more efficient, competitive service to customers thanks to shorter production and installation times.